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“SOL-PADDLE,” is a collection of (808) uniquely generated Canoe Paddle Design NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. The (808) Canoe Paddle Designs help make up a part of a community to help promote a healthy lifestyle, through canoe building, paddle making, Hawaiian education and sustainability of our native Hawaiian lands. Our Canoe Paddle Designs are known for being fun, creative and cultural.

    Official Roadmap

    Mission Statement


    “SOL-PADDLE,” isn’t just an art piece that you can own it extends to the very root of Hawaiian culture in itself. We want to maintain and perpetuate Hawaiian culture through the fostering of national and international amateur sports competition; to expose children, men and women to Hawaiian watersports, education, arts and crafts and other activities; and to provide a means and facilities for activities tending to foster the development and maintenance of strong and healthy minds, bodies, and spirits among all people.



    Our NFT Design is a 3D design of a paddle integrated with scenery from various parts of Hawaii with our endemic side and most identifiable art of the state. If people cannot come to us, we can go to them. Today our worlds are completely intertwined with the metaverse and here you can own a piece of beautiful Hawaii. Each canoe paddle holder will support our cause in making sure that the art and craft of building canoes and paddles continue. We plan on a handful of giveaways from this project but most importantly, it will be documented and podcast which will be held monthly for updates, interviews and to track the progress. The Project 808 will be funding 40% of the Profits to RDRLS Hawaii Wa’a LLC. The Project 808 team will then be using 19% of funds back to our Dev Network Team and Artists. The remaining 31% will be put back into future NFT projects and help with other entrepreneur programs seeking assistance. We are also exposing talented artist and photographers within this “SOL-PADDLE,” project and supporting their efforts to bring their talent and skills to a profitable place as well. It is our goal to help other projects that could use start up support, whether it be web tech assistance, mentorship or education. Each Re-sale of the NFT, the percentages will remain the same.



    Community Members in our Discord Group will get the exclusive details and deeper understanding of our project. Listen, watch, and learn more about our Collaboration partners, their mission, their visions, their artwork, their craft, and their purpose. Get to know the founding partners on a deeper and personal level. 

    Public Sale


    Our public sale will launch on January 5, 2022 at 06:30 PM HST.  Final announcement will be in our DISCORD community. There will only be 808 NFTs available. The public sale price will be listed at 2.0 SOL. To mint your SOL-PADDLE NFT, simply come to www.theproject808.com to begin the process. Prior to minting, you will need to connect your Phantom App Wallet to begin your collection.



    It's that time of the year! Happy New Year!!! Our first giveaway will be done on our launch. SOL-PADDLE holders will be placed into a pool for an opportunity to win one of our EXCLUSIVE NFTs. Make sure to get the details in our Discord Group! It's the season for giving! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

    Canoe Shed


    Canoe building remains a proud art in Hawaii. There are only a few traditional canoe makers in this era and our goal is to keep the tradition alive for generations to come. Part of proceeds will be donated to help educate our youth about building canoes, life skills and communication, and craftsmanship.

    Pre-World Games Canoe Race


    We want to host our Pre-World Games Canoe Race during the 2022 year for local and international clubs. This event will be funded by THE PROJECT 808 to give both our local adult and keiki paddlers an opportunity to compete against some of the best paddlers in the world.  It is our goal to have one of Hawaii's biggest V1 races globally.

    Hawaii Concert


    SOL-PADDLE HODLers will be invited to our exclusive private events. Our private events will be hosted by The Project 808 and is our way of thanking all of our holders. We will have a line up of Hawaii's established music groups, up and rising artists, and the best local grinds to fulfill your appetite!

Exclusive Benefits of SOL-PADDLE Holders!!!

The SOL-PADDLE project is not only helping our canoe paddle community and more importantly, our Hawaiian culture and our Hawaii community, but HOLDERS have many benefits.

  • Exclusive invites to Private Events.

  • Giveaway opportunities (Canoe, Paddles, Merch, NFTs, and more).

  • Education, Training, History of Canoe making.

  • Discounts from online merch store.

  • Opportunities with partnership deals.

  • Get the latest news of new NFT drops by The Project 808.

The Project 808